cold comfort food

Today it is a sardines on toast day. Made with rubbish bread but this helps the overall effect.
Only after eating, does it bring back memories of being seven years old and finding a goldfish from the pond mauled on the lawn by one of the neighbour’s numerous cats. Perhaps it was the overall surprise of the fish-out-of-water, or maybe the initial shock at the callous nature of my feline friends that perhaps made me react, erm, with extreme sensitivity. We had to perform burial rites for the fish, complete with shoebox and singing before carefree childhood abandon could return. All was well in paradise until tea, which was as luck would have it sardines on toast.
Today I feel bluer than a pair of Levi’s best, and so it’s appropriate then that I’m sobbing again at teatime after eating sardines on toast.
Perhaps I should have stuck to chocolate.


2 responses to “cold comfort food

  1. I love sardines too but I almost never eat them mostly because I never think about them. My mother used to make them for my best friend and I on white bread or sometimes just on a plate by themselves served with yellow mustard. It sounds so weird and I’m sure some people think gag inducing but I really enjoy the flavor of it. Perhaps it was something I started doing because my mommy did it but I grew to really enjoy it. Thanks for reminding me that comfort food doesn’t have to be hot like pasta or freezing like ice cream!

  2. Elizabeth Harris

    Babe, dairy milk will never let you down. Fish indeed!

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