white snow new rabbit

Uber-grumpiness was blown utterly to smithereens by the delight of a small boy discovering it had snowed overnight. Smithereens scattered to the four winds in gusts of laughter from his big sister on finding out the same. However, the covering of snow boded ill for the husband’s search and rescue mission for the small boy’s beloved rabbit-toy which had been abandoned accidentally during a bike ride along the river banks. We think the rabbit, Bibi, (smelly, chewed, greying, limp) has had enough and gone feral. Small boy was utterly distraught at bedtime.
There is now “new Bibi” (fluffy, plump, sweet smelling and cream coloured) replacing “Bibi”. The fickle child is now delighted with the new arrival and toddled into bed gorgeously. How long before “new” Bibi has to get in the washing machine? Will it snow again tonight?
Four year old girl struggled to understand the concept of sleet, and why snow melts when it rains. But she is a bright thing and got the hang of it, just as it started to make no sense at all to me! She demolished a huge pile of salmon sandwiches and carrot sticks for tea, meanwhile berating the small brother for being silly. Situation normal.


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