back to the cooker

After a few days battling with illness (mine, the family’s) and heading south to plant my feet on London’s terra firma, it seems like a while since any food proper has been prepared in my kitchen.
Today, we need restorative soup so I head for the pressure cooker with red onion, celery, parsnips, carrots, lentils, olive oil, coriander powder and garam masala. The onions are fried until browned gently, then add the spices and continue to fry for a couple of minutes. The vegetables and lentils (peeled and rinsed where necessary) go in together all covered in water. My favourite part comes next: put on the pressure cooker lid and after 10 minutes some magical alchemical transformation has come about. The steamy intensity brings about the tenderest result which only needs a hint of stock powder (Marigold!), seasoning and a whiz in the jug blender to produce a velvety smooth soup. Triumph!

This soup is best served with homemade spelt flour bread but there are only so many things a woman can do in one day.

This smoothness serves in direct contrast to the rest of the day which was poignant and irritating by turns. I had to go and say goodbye to my share in a horse, Finn, which was sad. Had a good but brief conversation with my riding instructor, meaning I can still go and ride when resources allow. Discovered that Finn (handsome, thuggish) had wrecked my German leather bridle. These disappointments are swiftly forgotten when seeing and hearing my poorly kids, and acting as human remote control is not necessarily the balm I require!


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