red scarf day

I’ve been wearing too much black and pink lately. Today the red scarf came out and perked me up nicely – or is that the St John’s Wort kicking in? Nonetheless it’s been a sort of ruthlessly efficient day in a pleasant kind of way.

Dinner was couscous with tomato chick pea sauce and steamed broccoli. For the tomato sauce, fry red pepper, onion and celery in olive oil until starting to brown. Add tinned tomatoes (good ones), a good splash of red wine, a dollop of sundried tomato paste, bayleaf and herbs. A dessert spoon of balsamic vinegar and a few drops of tabasco sauce helps too, although sometimes I use harissa. Grate in a carrot and simmer for 30 mins with the lid on and reduce over a higher heat for 10 mins. Add in the chick peas 5 minutes before serving and season to taste.

If making this sauce for pasta, I put in half a teaspoon of brown sugar and leave out the chick peas. Putting it in the blender makes for a smoother final result and stops the kids complaining about random transitory vegetable dislikes.

The wearing of red also coincides with a sudden discontent with my entire wardrobe, but sadly I can’t see a financial opportunity for spicing that up in the imminent future.


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