New do’s

Half term is here at last, and despite it being only a few weeks since the last school break I really feel in need of this one. We are going away and with lots to do I’m coming down with a cold, just as everyone else has shaken theirs off, consequently the last few days has been fuelled by Lemsip and anaesthetic throat sweets. With a view to the holiday, both Flo and Theo have had haircuts. Theo finds the whole thing rather traumatic, sobbing and wailing most disconsolately throughout. Lyn the hairdresser is mostly unfazed, in much the same way as when she is clipping a stroppy horse. It was this quality in her that made me think she’d be the person to do the kids’ hair, and with this in mind I never asked her to clip Merlin’s (my old horse) winter coat – he would have squashed her against a wall or convenient hard place. Mercifully, Theo didn’t squash Lyn, merely deafening her and he recovered quickly enough to demolish half a packet of chocolate fingers in record time. While he was doing so, Flo had hopped into the chair and was busy regaling Lyn with tales of just how much ice-cream she is going to eat on holiday. So, the pair of them will at least be able to see the marvels of Barca unimpeded by excess hair.
Yesterday demanded solid food with lots of nutrition, and not much effort, hence fish stew with rice and broccoli. The fish stew can either be a great store cupboard staple meal or something rather more extravagant if the situation requires. You need to fry down some red peppers (put these in first) and leeks until starting to brown, I usually do this in the oil from the fish (2 tins of either mackerel, sild, skippers, sardines, tuna or any combination of these) but remember to open the window first. Once the veg are browning, add one or two sticks of chopped celery and the fish, plus one tin of chopped tomatoes rinsed thoroughly with red wine. At this point, finely chop 2 or 3 sundried tomatoes and stir in. This dish really benefits from a decent size bayleaf, a pinch of mixed herbs and a smidge of stock. Once it’s started to boil, grate in one carrot, stir again, put the lid on and simmer gently for about 30 minutes, stirring once again about half way through. Adjust liquid content as necessary towards the end of the cooking time, and re-season if necessary. I find the stew does not need much extra salt, especially if you use the fish oil and/or smoked fish. Serve with basmati rice, steamed broccoli and a smug glow of satisfaction for a well balanced meal that everyone loves. Ice cream and fruit for pudding, anyone?
A heartfelt thanks to all of you reading this – also for the comments, keep them coming and get blogging yourselves. I am nearly able to post a photo, but have to master the technical wizardry of getting the pics small enough on the apple mac thing so that you can see the whole image at once instead of just the top left corner. Chris is going to give me a tutorial if I can’t work it out.


3 responses to “New do’s

  1. You can play around with the pic sizes using wordpress. When you make a new post there’s a little image of a tree in the row of icons, which asks for the image source and size; which you can then adjust accordingly.

    I tend to first upload all my pictures into photobucket, and then copy the URL into WordPress, I did originally use flickr but ‘bucket gives you a lot more free space.

    If none of that made sense at all, then I will happily give more detail.

  2. nicely George,
    will be expecting the stew version sounds great, but then you probably want a holiday and rita is one for pushing portuguese fare so let the cooking commmence – me? curry thats a fixation

    see you shortly

  3. Recipes, red scarves and reading. A perfect summation of life as we know it…

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