¡Hola! from Parc Guell

Today we enjoyed the sunshine in Barcelona, and sustenance in the form of pizza (traditional?), tortilla, juice and beer we marched ourselves up the hill to take in the Parc Guell.

There was a sublime time of running around the hall of columns with the kids, listening to Spanish guitar music and watching Theo have his first holiday romance.  The sun  shone, the tiles sparkled and all was generally magnificent in a holiday kind of way.  We marched back down again, back on the bus for more views.

At the beach, Flo and I perfected our wave jumping technique, while Theo practised sand swimming before repairing to a nearby ice-cream parlour for refreshments.  After another hop on the Barca tourist bus we headed into the area around the cathedral for a snack, but this part of the adventure was cut short rapidly by Theo falling asleep as we were walking.  The little lambs were revived by Rita´s superb tortilla, which I hope to reproduce back at home.

Joyful holiday: zoo and shopping tomorrow.


2 responses to “¡Hola! from Parc Guell

  1. Hello – hope you had a fab time after the trauma of getting there!!! Will catch up on all your news tomorrow – on a food tip have you seen the new good food site http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/ it is really coming together now after all the hard work everyone has put in to it, I can’t look at it when I am hungry!!!! xxxxx

  2. Will certainly check that out but am a bit peckish and just about to go to sleep, so maybe tomorrow. We had a brilliant time – more to follow.

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