Out with the old, in with the new.

Well it’s been a bit of a time since the last blog, and in the meantime I became a bit worried that the whole blog adventure had been a flash in the pan (no culinary pun intended). Am I like a January gym joiner, keen for 3 weeks but dismayed at the first sign of hard work? Hmm, tough question, I’ll get back to you on that. I was a bit worried after being alerted to this information on blog addiction by Tom C.

In the meanwhile, there are some changes – yes the blog looks different and I got a haircut too. This weekend’s job is to finally get some pictures on this computer and work out the uploading bit. It really can’t be rocket science. No news is good news with the sprogs: they are both in fine fettle. Oh, and I’m going to take up knitting, scarves and teacosies and cushion covers in the first instance.

The most monumental change is the purchase of a totally new clothes horse. After only 15 years of struggling with string and bungees I’m utterly fed up with the old one, which endangers digits whenever you start to manipulate it. Mundane as it may sound, it demonstrates the pervasiveness of feeling that all that is generally rubbish in my life and home must be updated and made beautiful. Spring cleaning is imminent, and could require a skip.

Maybe it’s time for a new kettle – but it’s only been a few months since we’ve had to insert a (plastic) paintbrush into the switch area to make it function.


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