An organised Christmas

For once I am on top of Christmas in advance. My knitting book arrived today, and with some coaching (thanks for the offers, Emma and Jasmine, I’ll see you soon!) you will all surely receive knitted scarves and cushions. If you strike really lucky, you may even get something advanced like a hat or a tea-cosy.

My personal ambition is to be able to knit the perfect hand bag. Unfortunately the beautiful green Jaeger one I saw advertised the other day has not a hint of yarn about it.

Apologies in advance if this has blown the surprise, or if the finished result is a bit scratchy. If it is, I promise I’ll go back to the chocolate cake, both as presents and personal solace.


3 responses to “An organised Christmas

  1. Would love a cosy for my 1 man teapot — eVen for Christmas. Roger

  2. Love the Jaeger handbag, looks nice and big with plenty of room and pockets for all those essential and non-essential items that always wind up in the bottom of a bag. However I’d much prefer a more original number knitted by your fair hands.

    Knitting seems the way forward! Sarah has recently taken it up and I have a friend in Brighton who is a dab hand with needles. Besos, Philxxxxx

  3. Good stuff, I’ll get knitting. Have got a plan for the bags, but will have to work on downsizing my teacosy pattern…

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