Howling gale

ghorsem_2tiff_1.jpgThis evening I am glad not to be a horse owner, as there is no equine chum to angst over in the excitement of rain and high winds. It is a good evening however to catch up on paperwork, eat hot soup in front of the fire, read emails, bimble about on the web and watch the rerun of The Sopranos series six.

I am also glad to report that the scarf is coming on apace. Fortunately I chose lumpy wool which disguises the clumsy stitches – surely this glitch will be overcome before I set out on my Christmas list. Thanks for the responses so far: it may be advisable to state your colour preference as for some strange reason I gravitated to the hippiest (not hippest) multicoloured yarn available in the sale box. If you want a hand knitted lentil bake instead, please also let me know and I’ll see what I can come up with.

Despite Sally’s best efforts to get me reading all sorts of trashy magazines (successful!), I have gravitated back to Lord of the Rings. Yes, very sad but after the cut and thrust of the films, the book starts with a more meandering approach which suits my frame of mind at the moment. Fortunately the time out with the magazines has reawakend the good consumer in me as opposed to the good hobbit.


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