It’s got pictures!

At long last, the blog has pictures… although the Easyshare software is only easy on its own damn terms. Never mind.
It has taken less time to complete the first scarf and I am now on to the matching handbag. It must be a good scarf as Florence has promptly appropriated it and wore it to school today. She will surely be glad to pose for a photo with the new neckware, so expect that soon.
By the way, this is the best photo I could find of myself, taken in 1992. Getting in front of a camera too often is a habit left to small cute kids (like mine). Another blast from the past today – Treacle the cat is back home while his adoptive mum Jude is in Australia and other far-flung zones. It’s nice to have the furry chap back, as long as he doesn’t expect the same five star luxury treatment here that he is accustomed to getting at Jude’s!


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