A chocolate in the mouth is worth two on the floor.

onthewaytoschool.JPGFlorence learnt a couple of hard lessons this weekend. Spencer has gone missing, perhaps she’s gone to the woods to play with the other teddy bears. “I think Spencer has gone forever” she remarked this morning to her Dad. Either that or Spencer has been tidied away too efficiently and we have yet to find her in the recesses of tat in our home.
Anyway, she is taking all this with remarkable equilibrium – I am more sad because I suspect it represents a part of her childhood that has now also gone forever.

On Saturday we bumped into a couple of work colleagues at the shops on Queen’s Road (one of them writes a blog – have a look, it’s also on my blogroll). As we had just been buying cake ingredients and I was trying to ensure co-operation for long enough for me to have a quick look at some handbags, the kids both had little packets of chocolate buttons for their amusement and diversion. Theo charmed both colleagues by purposefully rummaging in his pockets and generosly producing a button for each of them, but Flo resolutely hung on to hers. Who can blame her? A girl needs to ration out the chocolate and not distribute it to strangers. However, the anticipated pleasure of eating her buttons in the car on the way home was shattered when she dropped the remainder of her packet all over the floor of the handbag shop. It’s a dilemma many of us share: scoff it now and feel sick or save it and risk losing it accidentally while distracted by something shiny and/or beautiful.


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