end of term mauves

beautifulmauve.JPGIt’s not quite the blues that I’m feeling, but all teachers must identify with the end of term mauves. Like, you need more time to complete those vital (and sometimes dull) tasks like marking, but at the same time you are desperate for that final bell to ring. This is closely coupled with a stinging sense of anti-climax as the kids leave the building, but that is assuaged easily enough after a g&t and half a bottle of decent vino.

Enough grumbling, the Easter bunny came round early last weekend in the welcome form of Sarah, Dan and Emile. All the kids had a laugh: Florence overacted spectacularly, Theo raared (“roared”) nonstop and Emile took it all in his stride, and everyone painted a red masterpiece. On Sunday, Sarah brought out the Easter buckets and the annual chocofest started in earnest. Evil parent that I am, the buckets have been put out of the way for the time being, however I must be mellowing somewhat as I haven’t stooped so low in my mauve state to eat their chocolate. Yet.

We are off to visit Dahn Sarf over the hols, can’t wait to get my feet back on London soil/concrete. It’s a toss up between what is the most exciting part: seeing Tom and Debs and Sam and Josh; visiting Bairney and Dick; going to the Sanctuary; catching up with other friends.
All in all, a good way to banish the mauves – bring it on, I say!!


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