If someone rants inanely in cyberspace, does it make a noise?

When you arrive at the WordPress homepage, there is a figure telling you how many blogs have been started. It’s 873,469 today. Since I started my blog, I notice that nearly 100,000 more people have started a blog too. Of course there may be people with more than one blog but this begs the question: what the £@*& are we all saying?

One of my nearest and dearest commented that my last blog posting was virtually incomprehensible. I’m sure mine wasn’t the only one like that. Hopefully if we are colonised by an alien culture they won’t use blogs as the greatest measure of our intellectual worth.

Maybe this is a bit cynical – I just write a blog cos it’s easy. It’s nice to think that some prolific literary greats would have blogged if they could have availed themselves of the facility. Pepys via blog? Woolf? Shakespeare? Is it all bloglocks?


6 responses to “If someone rants inanely in cyberspace, does it make a noise?

  1. Some people start a blog…..and have nothing to say, or are not seen as worth reading by others. Many who blog don’t post comments on what they read…….this leads to the feeling that what you’ve said is of no worth.

    Sometimes the issue of anyone else reading it is secondary….some use their blogs as little achievement markers on a goal they’re trying to achieve….like giving up smoking. Personally I quit about 6 months ago, well before my blog started. Some use their blogs to keep loved ones abroad up to date on family issues, and keep their blogs set to “private”

    You may find this blog of interest. It kinda hits it from a different angle.


  2. Is this meta-blogging – blogging about blogging and cyber community stuff?

    Many thanks for the comment, Dirk, and for the link. I’m still a novice to this sort of thing and found your post thought-provoking – especially as just trooping around the hot posts of today has mostly led to stuff I know or care nothing about.

    For me, I wanted a good way of writing a diary without becoming too introspective. By publishing it in whatever modest way keeps checks on the waffle and allows my far-flung family of the heart to keep tabs on us.

    I’ll be back, and am resisting the urge to make some lame joke about commenting more after another Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster.

  3. Ahhh, you know of the late genius known as Douglas Adams I see, excellent. There’s another blog I know of which gives another interesting angles to blogging.


  4. It just occurred to me, I explained my name and it’s source in the blog I gave you the link for. Well, you obviously know Hitch Hikers, if you liked that Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency is even better.

  5. Yup, but I got the reference anyway. Must go and reread the fab Douglas Adams oeuvre, esp Dirk Gently, as I’ve been more concerned with Tolkien of late.

    I’ll be checking out eelkat.

    Would Douglas Adams have had a blog?

  6. Douglas Adams did have a lot of letters, articles, diary entry type of stuff, both published and left on his Mac when he passed away.

    Check out his unfinished novel “Salmon of doubt”…..technically it’s a third Dirk Gently novel, but that’s not really accurate, as it was at such an early and incomplete phase. Most of it is a compilation of letters, articles, speeches etc put together by his widow and his closest friends…..only the last part is the unfinished “Salmon of doubt”….along with notes on where Douglas intended the story to go.

    I reckon he would have had a blog, he was a very observant man, with some really strange angles on things. He loved sharing those observations with others, and had a natural ability to make people laugh, while educating them.

    The compilation of work in “Salmon of doubt” gives you an idea of just how diverse Douglas Adams was, and how his blog might have been…….and most of all, what we are now missing, since he died.

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