Our Spring!

Happy days…
My last post on this site led to some soul searching about why I’m compiling this blog and what should be published. Eventually I came to the conclusion that it’s about celebrating the beautiful things in my life, so here they are.
Chris has been away this week, which explains why he hasn’t been snapped with my new phone camera, otherwise he’d be on here too.
Perhaps there should also be pics of all the cakes and puddings made recently too, but they don’t hang around long enough. Some recipes will follow when all the coursework has been marked. Before you ask, there won’t be any photos of that!


2 responses to “Our Spring!

  1. Your blog is fab and makes perfect sense to me! Of course you should carry it on it isn’t for anyone else but as you say in the begining a diary of events and celebration of meaningful things in your life. You mention how many blogs are started but don’t mention the tiny percentage of those people who carry on with their blogs for more than a few weeks – you are soon going to be on to your 5th month of blogging, so knitted hats off to you lady!!!! xxxxxx

  2. And you’re still reading it too! It’s changed a bit over time, but that’s cool.

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