Comments on the detail.

floinabox3.jpgtheosleepsinbox1.jpgWell, there it is, May has all but disappeared and hardly a squeak from me on the blog. And maybe some of us are disappointed at that. Never mind, it’s now half term week which means that I can wax lyrical about the joys of teachers’ holidays, unruly wine, slow food and fine kids (did I get those adjectives muddled? I got distracted by having to hiss through the window at the local tabby cat who has taken to piddling acridly in our alleyway).

In the meantime, I’ve done coursework moderation, faculty improvement planning, student teacher mentoring, and a little light teaching at work. On the home front, we are planning the next great building onslaught and hopefully getting a puppy now that Theo is 3 and verging on being house trained.

The biggest news is that Florence has had the chicken pox. We counted 34 spots at the height of the outbreak. She was very brave, but was a little surprised that we were so pleased she had it until we explained that she would only get it the once! Fingers crossed that Theo is so stoical, although despite being under the weather there are no spots to be seen.

Hoorah for all that. As it has stopped raining for five minutes, my thoughts have turned to my favourite salad – carrot and cashew nut – from “The Best of Lord Krishna’s Cuisine”. Toast a generous handful of whole cashews under the grill while peeling and grating a large carrot. Finely chop half a red pepper. Put all these ingredients in a pretty/utilitarian bowl and sprinkle lightly with salt. In a frying pan, heat one tablespoon of sunflower oil and fry one teaspoon of mustard seeds until they start to darken and pop. Add this to the salad bowl, along with 2 tablespoons of plain yoghurt. Stir it all in gently and serve with your favourite curry.


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