Doesn’t time fly…?

030.jpg025.jpgWell, nearly 3 months and no new blog post.  I suppose in these modern times that must mean I’m virtually (ha ha) non-existant, unless you count my new addiction to Facebook.

The bombshelter is gone, the new bathroom is well into the planning stage and I’ve decided which gorgeous winter boots to buy AFTER our holiday to the Lake District at half term.  Life goes on apace and I am struggling to find the time to catch up with the many good friends who have had second children, just as our two are now at school.  Theo looks very cute in his (tiny) school uniform and Florence is revelling in her role as “big sister the protectress” in the playground.

It has been creative mayhem here this week as Chris has been preparing for a night which had to change venues, and both children had to dress up as their favourite book characters for school (princess and tiger, guess who?).  My creative, ahem, genius has been severely tested not by the fancy dress element but by an overload of spreadsheets and a surprise arrival of lots of soot down the chimney in the dining room.

The best of it all is that my Spanish is coming along in leaps and bounds – and this weekend I may even get a chance to try it out for real with one of the musicians from Chris’ night!  Fenomenal.

Perhaps you few loyal readers have deserted for pastures greener, or gone to Facebook, but nonetheless it is still cathartic to write this crap down.


3 responses to “Doesn’t time fly…?

  1. I like my new layout!

  2. Hi George…

    Just a quickie to let you know we have not vanished off the edge of the earth – just been very crap (even worse than usual!!) at keeping in touch – anyway soz for that – can’t stop cos I’m in a rush to get Zak to Play Barn – but I gather you and Chris + kids will be at Deb + Rob’s on Sat – so hopefully see you there + we can catch up!!!

    Lots of love to you and yours,

  3. Hi there,

    Like the new layout! And good to see you back!
    Glad to hear the Spanish is coming along nicely – when do we get some of the blog in Spanish?


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