Rounding up the Easter Bunnies

Easter is now a distant memory, chocolate smears wiped up and school beckoning again.  Nonetheless, it has been a much needed respite from the usual round of work, collecting kids, organising uniforms and staying on top of my job.  Hence the title: the bunnies have been rounded up and put back in their hutches, now it’s time to get my work into line.

Surprisingly (well, perhaps not), I took some very good management advice from my hairdresser and will be implementing a new regime at work.  We all need some guidelines to help us co-operate (break it down = work together): be happy (or take steps to make yourself so); take responsibility for your own progress; don’t gossip; accept change.  These are some of the rules my hairdresser uses to run her team in her salon – I think they may be just as relevant in the classroom, or even the staffroom.

Anyway, work aside now.  The kids are coming along in leaps and bounds.  Florence is a natural climber and we have taken her again to the local climbing wall with our friends Laraine and Peter.  She shins up a wall with such glee and grace it is a joy to see.  Theo is so impatient for his 4th birthday to come along – he counts down the days and can’t wait for more presents.  We have been out and about on the train lately as the old banger has passed on.  Kids are very excited by train journeys and it’s much less hassle than I thought.  However we do have a new old banger now and I aim to be less bound by the car than I was.  In any case, I need to get my money’s worth from the shopping trolley… and of course be mindful of the carbon footprint.

We may have been more abstemious in terms of car usage (by necessity) but abstemiousness has never been my very strong point overall.  Nonetheless, it is time to be a little bit stricter with myself in terms of cake and wine, and a bit more free with the exercise and activity.  Watch this space!


3 responses to “Rounding up the Easter Bunnies

  1. What’s with the ex- equestrian in your ‘about the author’ section? Shouldn’t it read ‘equestrian going cold turkey’ or ‘equestrian in mourning’ or ‘equestrian trying to break the addiction’ = but I can happily bet my life savings that you will be on a horse some time in the near future and have secret inner thoughts about how to justify owning another horse. Ex-equestrian – paaahhh!!!!

    Right that is my horse rant over!!!!

  2. Ok, on that tack (no pun intended), how about “frustrated equestrian” or “desperate equestrian”, or “impatient equestrian”?

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