Straight from the horse’s mouth.

IMerlin write this with the sound of hoofbeats still echoing through my body.

There was a joyous half-term with 3, yes 3 rides (a lesson, a great hack, a gentle schooling session) on one pony,  and  the feeling of getting a genuine connection with an equine.  Following hard on its heels came last week, when the share agreement came to a somewhat abrupt end.

However, with some renewed confidence in my ability as a rider, I headed off to a local show to borrow someone else’s horse, a 16.3hh IDxTB.  After only just clapping eyes on him, we managed to jump in four classes with no fences down – he was a total star.  Not only was the riding good, I met some other local horse-owners, one of which has kindly offered me a ride on her three horses!

One is a pony mare who is very pretty, bags of star quality, still needs some schooling; another is a true “wonder pony” – twenty-something and still going strong.  The third is responsible for the echoing hoofbeats in my soul – an ex-racer, who gave me the most sublime gallop up a field about 10 minutes away from where I live.

Fingers crossed that this one works out – their owner is lovely, welcoming and generous with her horses.

No pictures of these horses as yet, but will work on that for next time.  In the meantime, it gives me a chance to fondly remember Merlin!


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