Recurring themes

I am about to make a public volte face with regard to my feelings towards Facebook.  Despite sustaining a deep urge to turn every event in my life into a status update-worthy soundbite, I now regard the whole set-up with something approaching awe and wonder.

As more people are online, having become “Facebook friends” with their immediate circle, they must all be thinking (as I am):  “What happened to so&so?”  Motives for doing this are many and various, from the genuinely concerned to the slightly more vicious (me too!).  However, the long-term result of this is that genuine friendships that had expired for genuine/circumstantial reasons have been rekindled.  This leads me to the awe-and-wonder part, where I seem to be existing in many of my own time zones simultaneously… and I never was any good at physics.

The most recent provocation of this sense has come from seeing pictures of the horses, stables and people from where I first learnt to ride.  As I am in none of these pictures, I can’t have figured heavily in these other people’s pasts, but seeing them transported me back vividly to my own childhood.  And funnily enough, many of the old friends I have encountered on Web2 share the equine connection!


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