One step at a time.

Every so often I get struck with inspiration for a new direction, challenge or dimension for my life, and being a generally impatient character I want that change to be activated NOW!

The last few years of yoga practice have taught me one thing (even if I haven’t acquired non-conceptual understanding of the lesson yet): change takes time, determination, and usually sweat.  Sometimes, change requires a change in method too!  In the Bikram sequence of yoga, I have always struggled with fixed firm pose, usually can’t get anywhere near to the posture and change has not been forthcoming.  Recently, however, with some improved geographical understanding of where my hips and my heels are situated, things are improving little by little.

There are some parallels here, for me to learn from today.  If I keep bashing my head against the wall of new directions, all I’ll get is a headache.  Instead, I’ll calmly examine the nature of the wall, and work out which of the “over, under or through” approaches to take.


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