The Wrong Trousers, The Wrong Class

After an epic day of completing job application forms on Thursday, Friday was my chance to go to yoga in preparation for Saturday’s posture clinic at Hot Bikram Yoga London Bridge.  My shoulders were hunched and crunched from too much time in front of the laptop and hands had turned into keyboard claws.  I’d planned two yoga outfits for the posture clinic (my two favourites), leaving number 3 outfit for Friday.  Number three outfit is not my favourite because: it’s not all black; I’m not sure that bits of haven’t gone see-through; the fit doesn’t feel nice; it doesn’t mask the lumpier aspects of my lower midriff and chest.

I’d planned to break out the voucher my BFF gave me for another studio, but on checking the timetable, found that there was no midday class there on Fridays.   Bag packed and nowhere to go!     Change of plan – pay the drop-in fee (eek – expensive way to practise!) at lovely Hot Bikram Yoga Balham for Brittney’s  midday class.

As plenty of wiser people than me have said, just get to class and let the yoga do its work.  Ok so far, but the trousers just don’t feel good and moments before the class starts, I break from the studio to see if they have any shorts for sale.  No luck shorts-wise, which saves me from an unplanned purchase, and gains me some encouragement from the reception staff and teacher.

And here is the joy of it: on my return to my mat, someone had placed themselves RIGHT IN FRONT of me, totally blocking my reflection in the mirror.  Normally this, or getting in front of a crack between two mirror panels, can really irritate me.  Not today.  As we started the pranayama deep breathing exercise, I let go of my outfit-grumpiness, listened to the dialogue, and went beyond the vision of myself that I am accustomed to seeing in the mirror.

The class rocked, for me, and is a good reminder to get on with the work, with focus and determination, letting go of distractions and preconceptions.

Ps I am informed that the trousers have not gone see-through.  I’ll be wearing them again.


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