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What’s on the table?

The kids went back to school today, along with much of the UK’s child population, I guess.  For us as a family however, this is more momentous than usual, as we are not long returned from 6 months travel in India, where mainstream schooling took a back seat to more important things like trekking and rafting in the Himalaya.  For us as parents, we got a chance today to have a prolonged conversation about where we are at and where our values are – fortunately we are both in a very similar place right now on both counts.  More on all of this to follow, surely.

What is on the table for me today is how to make a living in a manner consistent with what is important to me, which brings me on to vegetarianism.  I have been an imperfect vegetarian for years now, with rare vegan patches, served up with fish and the occasional covert chicken wing.  Luckily my overall health is great, and according to the ayurvedic doctor I consulted with in Goa, my constitution is robust enough to manage on a general healthy diet.  So, here, now, I’m committing to staying vegetarian, for reasons of health, sustainability and mostly because I like it more than meat and fish now.  I don’t know if this is the result my rate of yoga practice in the last couple of years.

Perhaps this is not a terribly exciting post, but if you are coming here for food reasons, you will only find vegetarian content!